About Us

The aims and objectives of London Jaguars Community Association are to re-engage detached young people and target other members of the wider community back into mainstream of sports participation and promote fitness and wellbeing as the forefront.

Its key aims are to work with the BAME community in empowering, enabling and encouraging young people and the wider community by raising their self-esteem which make an inclusive service.

Fill in sports and fitness provisions for disadvantaged and deprived members of the community.

To work in partnership with primary schools, Secondary Schools and local authorities to address marginalisation and help socially excluded community members fulfil their potential.

To provide recreational activities for children, young people and vulnerable adults to reinforcing a sense of identity through enhancing their physical and mental capacities and creating opportunities for them to learn about and celebrate their own culture and to respect the culture of others.

Encouraging a holistic family learning experience through performing arts, including drama; music; spoken words and productions. All in all, increasing a sense of social responsibility.